Covid-19 Response Fund

Covid-19 Response Fund

We have been working with Project Luangwa since 2013 and during this worldwide crisis we would like to help so that they survive as a charity.


An amazing NGO in the Luangwa Valley of Zambia, Project Luangwa has been doing outstanding work since the 1980’s and has had a profoundly positive effect on community development.

Their projects include



The construction and maintenance of Kapita and 11 other schools, which have provided education to an average of 6000 students every year.


Student Sponsorships

A quality student sponsorship program meaning that to date 400 have been able to continue their studies beyond primary school. This year alone there are 150 students in secondary school and 25 students in tertiary studies.

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Gender Support


Project Luangwa has been empowering girls and young women through their Gender Support Program and changing attitudes in both young men and women.

Ufulu Pads


Sanitary pad program, signifying that girls in puberty are able to continue attending school and studying, thereby lowering the dropout rate for girls.


  • The local lodges used part of their guest daily rates to fund Project Luangwa
  • Covid-19 has meant all tourism has ceased, and the lodges are having to close down just as the season starts
  • No guests means no income for the Lodges and as a consequence, no income for Project Luangwa
  • No guests also means no sales of goods, including sanitary pads at the local shop
  • As all international funds raised are used for projects, PL has no money to cover its overhead

What Project Luangwa and Livingstone Foundation are doing

  • Project Luangwa has reduced all wages by 50% and eliminated all possible running costs
  • Funds allocated for specific programs and all of the current activities have financed
  • Both the Chairmen of Project Luangwa as well as Livingstone Foundation have each donated $15,000 to the running cost of Project Luangwa 

What we are seeking

  • To raise enough funds to keep Project Luangwa afloat through these tough times
  • Any excess funds raised will be used for all of the joint Livingstone Foundation and Project Luangwa projects

Last thoughts:

  • Project Luangwa is a fairly large operation, employing local women to make products sold in their shop and to make sanitary pads, paid for through donations.
  • It is one of the few local employers of the local female population
  • It also co-ordinates a multitude of projects as mentioned above
  • We can be instrumental in ensuring that this local charity and employer does not disappear in this time of need

Front row: Stu and Fwilane
Back row: Beauty, Mary, Charity P., Caroline, Ruth, Royce, Charity M., and Naomi

For more information about how to donate or if you prefer to send us a check, please write us at  We are a 501 (c) (3) organization in the United States and all donations are tax deductible.  Please make sure that you include your email and/or mailing address with your donation so that we can email/mail you your receipt.