Helping our friends in Zambia

Thank you to everyone who has helped us with our projects in Zambia! We are grateful for the support of our sponsors and special donors, our artists and artisans, and those of you who have come to our events.

As you know, we support education in Zambia through local charities. These organizations depend on subsidies from the tourist industry, but tourism has come to a complete halt due to Coronavirus. Local families who had jobs in the local tourism industry have no income and, to add insult to injury, this year there have been floods and crops have been lost.

Protecting students from Covid-19

Project Luangwa, a local organization focused on education, has been working hard to keep our students healthy. When the school was still open, Project Luangwa delivered containers with hygiene supplies and masks to schools. And when the schools closed, they kept in touch with the remote areas through the youth club leaders who took many students under their wing helping with distance learning from their own homes.

Loss of income and poor harvests mean less food

But now the children and their families are hungry. Although our mission is to support education, when there is little food there is little hope of learning. They are the reason that we are getting in touch with you in these exceptional times. It is true that we are all concerned about what may happen to us, but we must not forget those who are in worse situations than ours.

Project Luangwa staff have gone above and beyond their normal workload and are creating food baskets for the neediest families in the area. Some of our sponsored students are helping to create the baskets that contain enough food for a family of 5 for a month.

Enoch, helping to put together the food baskets

Join us in helping families in need survive these hard times!

  • One food basket can feed a family of five for a month
  • The cost is $50 per basket
  • With your donation you will be helping a family get through these difficult times
  • We invite you to donate more than one basket. There is no limit!

All donations are tax deductible