Our two main goals for the Foundation’s 3rd Charity Dinner was to inform our stake holders about our projects in Zambia in education, health and clean water and to raise funds for these projectsr. We auctioned off art, music and sports items, we had a raffled some great prizes and we also set up our shop of special handmade products.

We sent out the invitations for our third charity dinner and the response was better than expected! We thought perhaps 180 people would come and in the end 220 attended. Before we continue we would like to take a moment to thank all those who have taken time from their busy days and nights to attend our dinner. Joining us at the dinner, bidding at the auction, shopping at our store and buying raffle tickets means that those who are less fortunate can have access to safe drinking water, a better education and a more hopeful future. It is magical that a nice dinner and event at the Westin in Valencia can turn into something so beneficial for people living in rural Zambia!

The night arrived...

The tables were set

Volunteers finished preparing the raffle and auction

Tessie put the final touches on the shop

Neil, Carlos and the rest of the Imprevisibles finished up the sound check

Meanwhile, María y Carlos gave their thumbs up for the sound system

And the guests began to arrive

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The great Westin Hotel opened its doors for the Livingstone Foundation Charity Dinner! The guests were so punctual it caused a bit of a crowd at the entrance!

We were lucky with the weather and were able to enjoy our cocktail out on the terrace and gardens of the Westin. Our guests chatted together and the stars began to shine in the sky. What a wonderful night awaited us!

Here are more photos of our guests during the welcome drink. A moment full of meeting up with old friends, getting to know new friends and talking about how to support our projects through bidding at the auction.

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The dinner began

The dinner started with friends of Livingstone Foundation friends who have visited the area in Zambia. They explained their experiences and shared their impressions about the different projects:

  • Neil introduced the speeches with information and data on life in rural Zambia and the presentations began.
  • Natasha talked about her first visit to Kapita Elementary School and the situation of girls and women in the villages.
  • Majo also commented on her experience at Kapita and emphasized the accounts, “100% of everything we collect, from everything you donate, goes to our projects”.
  • Elena finished the Kapita part with a reflection on the math program and the library.
  • Maria talked about her visit to the village where we have financed a new well and the reaction of the villagers. She also explained the dream she and Carlos have of creating a clinic in the area.
  • Zulema explained the work they are doing from Ritchie Brothers in Chikowa, the vocational training center.
  • Ree spoke about the problem of animal – human conflict and the work they are doing in Chipembele, a center for the education and protection of flora and fauna in Zambia.
  • And Carlos ended with a reflection on everything we are doing, sharing a short video with his photos.
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And in conclusion, between donations, sales from the store, the raffle tickets and the auction, we raised € 22,000. This is enough to meet the needs of teachers and school supplies in Kapita, support Chipembele, the project of education and protection of the flora and fauna in the area, help Girls’ Support Groups with the issue of menstruation and fund a well in one of the more remote villages.

It is truly amazing that enjoying a lovely evening such as this with friends can create such positive changes in the lives of our friends living in Zambia.

We thank all those who were able to come to the dinner and showed interest in and collaborated with our projects in Zambia and to those who were unable to attend the dinner, but who made generous donations to the Foundation. And many thanks also to our sponsors, artists, companies, sports teams … a long list of generous, giving people.

We thank you all from the heart