First Student from Kapita Finds Sponsor!  

Just a few days ago, Maureen applied for sponsorship through Project Luangwa. She worked hard at Kapita and did well on her final exams. However, her family was unable to pay school fees for her to be able to continue on to secondary school. This meant that at such a young age she would have had to return to her village, to work in the fields and help with the chores. Project Luangwa wrote to us saying they had their first applicant for sponsorship: “Maureen is so creative and lovely. She is very confident and shared with us her best times at Kapita School.”

From Livingstone Foundation we were so lucky to have a sponsor ready and waiting for someone special to support through their secondary education! Thanks to Nancy from the United States, Maureen is now able to continue her studies.

We are waiting to hear from Project Luangwa about more students in need of sponsorship. This year the program has started later due to Coronavirus and the schools opening later than usual.

We are confident that some of our friends and donors will join us in the sponsorship program. It is a very rewarding program for both the students as well as their sponsors. It is amazing to be able to reach across borders and continents to help these young people and give them the tools they need to create a better future for themselves and their families and communities.