We are pleased to announce the publication of our 2020 annual report. Read the excerpts below from the presidents letter or click here to read the report.

“2020 was a year of enormous challenges for everyone; a year of sorrow, of fear and of restrictions – no travel, no school, real economic pain, and reduced access to healthcare as well as an immense strain placed on health systems. Many of the limitations the developed world faced are habitual challenges in rural Africa. But their challenges have been further exacerbated by Covid-19.

Each of our projects has suffered but all have survived and that, in no small part, is thanks to all of our donors, who despite their own problems and worries have remained steadfast in their help. It is also due to our volunteers who in the face of major challenges in organizing events, reaching out to donors, and crafting products for sale, have risen to those challenges with innovation, strength, and good humor.

Thank you one and all for being and remaining part of our project. Despite the challenges, each of our individual projects have been able to advance. More than ever your commitment is truly lifesaving and life changing.”