Thanks to Luci Markova’s initiative!  

When Luci saw one of our videos showing villagers celebrating a new well, it reminded her of her childhood and the years her family had lived in Mozambique. She got to work and contacted a group of friends in Russia and other countries. Thanks to her friends’ donations and our Foundations contribution, we have been able to fund a borehole in the villages around Loti!

BEFORE: It was a challenge to collect water.

Traditionally it is the women and children in this area who must go in search of water in the nearby rivers, and when the rivers become dry they must find water by digging holes in the ground further and further from their villages.

Digging the well

When the Makolekole digging company arrives with their diggers and machines, the villagers come close to watch the process.

The machinery is light enough so it can be transported to the most remote areas. They begin by testing the soil and finding the best location for the well.


When they reach water and pump it out the people’s joy is palpable! For the villagers of Loti the fresh water coming through the hose is a miracle!


The manual pump is installed

The Makolekole boreholes and pumps are created to last at least 70 years. In the background can be seen the canal that will take the excess water to the garden pond. This water will be used for the village vegetable garden.

AND AFTER: Now they can collect water all year just a few steps away from their homes! 


The villagers use the well and the new pump for the first time and they begin to sing and dance with joy. With the installation of this hand pump a new era has begun for everyone in the village! This day will be remembered for a very long time.

Thank you! Zikomo! Спасибо!