Why sponsor a student in Zambia?

School in Zambia ceases to be free at grade 8. As a result many rural families, who rely on subsistence farming for survival, cannot afford to send their children to school beyond this grade.

With our sponsorship programme we seek to send around 150 children to secondary school every year, and provide them and their families with the financial support they sorely need. Education is shown to be the best way to improve not only the student’s economic prospects, but also their wider community.

We usually choose our sponsored students in January, but schools have been delayed this year due to Covid. The students we choose are the best and the brightest of their grade with the highest test scores and the best possibility of success. We send some of our students to local day schools and others are sent to boarding schools when their home life is not conducive to learning. All of the children are vulnerable, most having lost one or both of their parents. Your sponsorship gives them a chance at a better life.


We are so proud of the boys and girls from Kapita who have worked very hard and done extremely well on their final exams. Now they can continue on to secondary! However there are a few who need our help. Please see the list of students below and let us know if you would like to help out. We would be delighted to have you on our sopnsorship team!
Estimated yearly cost is $750.

Ian Mwale

Ian is a confident young man with a bright smile. He is the last born in a family of 6 children, coming from Chembe village in Nsefu chiefdom.

Ian scored the highest at his school Kapita Primary School in his Grade 7 national exams, 789 marks! His hobbies include playing football and reading. Ian would like to be a doctor when he completes school because he wants to help sick people in his community.

It is evident that Ian is committed to his studies and this is clear from his excellent results.

As the youngest in his family, Ian really hopes for sponsorship, allowing him a chance to continue his education and fulfil his potential.

Dorothy Luwo – Sponsored!

Thank you so much to Michael and Victoria! We are so glad that Dorothy now has sponsors and can continue her education!

Kelvin Nkhata – Sponsored!

Thank you to Mike and his team in the USA. Kelvin now has a chance to become a policeman to help and protect the people in his community.

Collins Banda – Sponsored!

Collins can now continue his studies on to secondary school! Thank you Tess and family! You are changing the direction of this young man’s life!

Gracious Zulu – Sponsored!

Gracious has been sponsored! Thank you so much to David and Ed. We feel confident that Gracious will work hard and do well in her secondary studies. She has proven to be an excellent student! We wish her all the best for the coming years!

Eustance Zulu – Sponsored!

Thank you so much to Isabel who just joined our “team”! Eustence hopes to become a nurse and now her dream is closer to becoming a reality.

Betina Phiri – Sponsored!

Good news! As of today, January 31st, Betina has a sponsor! We wish her luck with her studies and are very grateful to her sponsor, Mabel!