A warm welcome to Kapita School, by the students in the library. “With our hearts we welcome you.”

Thank you to the teachers who taught them this lovely song. It is truly a beautiful welcome to Kapita School.

EDULUTION, the math support program, is doing well at Kapita, helping students to reach ever higher math levels and, as a result, to have more confidence in their own abilities.

It is thanks to Livingstone Partners that we can continue to support Edulution at Kapita school and other schools in the area.



The relationship between Kapita and ASV goes back to 2015, when Gilbert Mwale first came to Spain to visit Fundación Livingstone and the American School of Valencia.

Since then ASV has been supporting Kapita every year through fundraising and exchanging pen pal letters with the older students.

This year ASV sent sports shirts for the teams for the Kapita football and netball teams!

We are grateful for the hard work of the teachers who work day in and day out with over 500 students, teaching and guiding the next generation! And of course with Gilbert’s strong leadership, Kapita shines with enthusiasm and hard working students! With the generous funding from our donors, these six young people teaching at Kapita are able to continue their work with the students.