First Steps


Our first visit to Zambia

After multiple trips to Africa, Neil Collen and Ree Gillett became aware of the poverty and needs of rural areas. In Zambia, and through the Luangwa Project, they were able to see up close the situation of local communities and the lack of educational infrastructure. Neil, impressed by “Livingstone’s” connection to Livingstone Partners, proposed to his international partners to rebuild a school in Zambia, an idea that was received with great enthusiasm.


Creation of Fundación Livingstone in Spain

With more and more friends and family showing interest in helping us with the projects in Zambia, we decided to create a foundation as a framework for our work. Livingstone Foundation was born in 2014 with the trustees Majo Grau, Steve Lewis, Ximo Villarroya. 



Continued support and visits to the area

Keeping abreast of the projects

With annual visits to Kapita School and the other projects that we support we can ensure that our donations and grants are being used correctly. Everything we raise goes directly to the projects and all the work we do is on a volunteer basis, including the visits to Zambia and the events we organize for fundraising.