What better gift than that of generosity? Here are gifts such as “Water for a Lifetime”, “Ufulu Sanitary Pads” so that girls do not miss important school time and even “Food Baskets” with grain, chicken and seeds. With the purchase of these “products” we will send you a special gift card which you can give to someone special.

Your Charitable Gift is a donation and as such is tax deductible. As soon as you make the purchase and send us email with the payment confirmation we will send you the gift card as well as your Certificate of Donation.



Girls in rural Zambia do not have access to sanitary napkins. This means that they miss about one week every month of school when because of menstruation. They soon begin to fall behind and with classroom sizes of up to 90 students it is nearly impossible to catch up with the material being taught. This leads to a very high drop out rate for girls, who end up working back in their villages, many times becoming pregnant and often married off to older men by their families. The consequences of not having sanitary pads is truly devistating to these girls.

For only $18

we will deliver a pack of sanitary napkins to a girl who, thanks to you, will not have to miss class because of simply having her monthly period.


Droughts are increasingly prolonged in Zambia and this means that during these times, women and children have to walk several kilometers to access water, water that is often loaded with diseases.

By donating $25

you are freeing women from this task and giving children the opportunity to go to school, instead of having to fetch water. In this way, you are helping to change the future of both children and women in the villages, while providing drinking water for one person for life.


Tourism has come to a complete stop in Zambia due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. Most of the local families had jobs in this sector, which means there is now no money coming into their villages and homes.

To add insult to injury, there have been floods this year and crops have been lost.

Through a donation of only $60

you will be donating a food basket with enough food to feed a family of 5 for a month.


There are eight teachers at Kapita, two of whom are provided by the Zambian Department of Education and the remaining six are funded by our foundation. Without our financial support to provide teachers, the boys and girls at Kapita School would find themselves with only two teachers for 450 students, a ratio that is neither practical nor efficient. As it is now, with eight teachers, the class sizes are large, but manageable.

By giving $100

You are financing one teacher’s salary for a month.