Supporting Vocational Training

The Chikowa Youth Development Centre is a missionary-run Catholic technical training school. It is a unique place for quality technical training as well as guidance for young people.

Seeing the dedication of those who work at Chikowa and the need for help we started by donating five greenhouses for their agricultural department. We followed by  contributing to the reforestation program  to support the carpentry studies and to bring awareness to the community about caring for our trees.

Five greenhouses to improve crops

One of our most important donations has been the construction of five greenhouses. Thanks to the greenhouses, students have learned more about agriculture and at the same time Chikowa can reduce tuition expenses by selling the products grown in their greenhouses and plots to local tourism lodges.

Tools from Ritchie Brothers

When our friends at Ritchie Brothers showed interest in our projects, we put them in touch with Chikowa. It was a perfect relationship as Ritchie Brothers could provide heavy machinery, tools, and technical know-how. In the photo the teacher talks about the different jobs that they will be able to do in the future with the tools they are receiving from Ritchie Brothers.


Annual Reforestation

Our goal is to continue supporting reforestation in Chikowa, which is necessary due to the use of wood for their carpentry course. It also serves as a message to the villagers of the need to protect and replenish these valuable trees. We must not forget that most of the local people still use trees as fuel for cooking.