Kapita Primary School
groundbreaking ceremony

The entire community attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Kapita school. They celebrated with speeches, dances and songs and even a poem written by the children themselves. You can see the video by clicking on the photo. It was a great day for all full of hope and gratitude!!

Inauguration of the new Kapita School

The inauguration was attended by representatives of the government and the department of education as well as the chief of the Nsefu tribe. The directors of Project Luangwa, who had coordinated the construction of the new school with funds provided by Livingstone Partners, also attended.

It was a grand day for all, complete with speeches, songs and dances from the youngest.

We hope this new school will help to improve the students’ futures as well as all of the community.

First visit to Kapita 2013

Thanks to Project Luangwa we visited several schools in the Mfuwe area and learned about their needs. The school that captivated us the most was Kapita. You could see the dedication on the part of the teachers, especially the head of studies Gilbert Mwale, and also the joy and enthusiasm of their students. The passion they had to attend school and have the opportunity to learn every day was palpable.

We were impressed by this positive attitude despite the conditions. Kapita’s main building had cracks on its walls and within a year would begin to collapse and one of the classrooms was a hut that was originally used as a tool shed with only small openings for light to come through.

This dedication and enthusiasm convinced us to offer the teachers, children and families in the Kapita area a new building for their school thanks to Livingstone Partners International.

school material

We believe that supporting education does not end with the construction of a school. Since we met the Kapita students and teachers, we decided that our work had to continue. So from the beginning we have donated a large amount of school supplies including books, maps, textbooks, computers for teachers, educational posters, and more!

Thanks to our many donors, we are enriching the education of these children.


Teaching staff at Kapita

In order for our support to be effective, we support the staff by finding funds for young people willing to help teach at Kapita. When a school is built in Zambia by a chiarty such as ours the government provides two certified teachers. Kapita already has close to 500 students so two teachers are clearly insufficient. Livingstone Foundation raises enough funding to pay for the salaries of six more young people to support the 2 Government paid teachers.

We are grateful to the donors who make it possible for Kapita students to continue learning and having hope for a better future.

(Photo 2017 with head teacher Gilbert Mwale, visiting teacher Julianne Stall and the Kapita teaching staff)

new furniture

New tables and chairs for Kapita students! We have donated school furniture on several occasions so that students do not have to work on the floor. Having tables and chairs in schools is something that we see the norm, but for many, in areas like rural Zambia, it is a luxury. Where before they had only the floor or doors turned into tables to work from, now, thanks to our Foundation and donors such as the American School of Valencia, students feel more pride and dignity in being able to sit at school tables.