Livingstone Partners
unconditional support from livingstone partners

From day one, the partners of Livingstone Partners have shown their interest in and support for the Foundation’s projects in Zambia.

Their first contribution was the full payment for the reconstruction of the Kapita school that was beginning to collapse. Upon its completion in 2016, Livingstone partners decided to continue and since then has funded 100% of Edulution program at Kapita school, ensuring that students can be successful in their math course and also enhancing the likelihood that students Kapita students can continue their studies into secondary school.

Livingstone Partners continue to support Kapita School as well as the local area, with the hopes of solving the water situation for both the school and the neighboring villages.


With funding from Livingstone Partners International secured for the new construction, in 2014 we had the honor of attending the groundbreaking ceremony for the building of the new Kapita School. The joy was palpable as the townspeople made their speeches, sang and danced.

After the presentations we went from the current facilities, which were almost in disuse, to the land designated for the new structure. It was a great walk through the fields, accompanied by all the children of the village and their families.

Two years later, in 2016, we were invited to the inauguration of the new Kapita School. Once again we saw the joy and pride of having a new school, with the hope that this brings.


Thanks again to Livingstone Partners International who fund the math reinforcement program at Kapita. Since its inception, Kapita students’ ability in mathematics is far exceeding the levels they had in the past.

Why Edulution? In international student mathematics results, students in Africa scored much lower than the rest of the world. Within Africa, the worst performers were in southern African countries and among southern countries, Zambia was last on the list.

We are grateful for the support of Livingstone Partners International for helping this program to continue, giving more opportunities to the children of the villages around Kapita School and the hope to leave poverty behind.