Access to fresh, clean water
The need for fresh, clean water

Remote villages rely on rivers and water holes for their water supply. As the dry season progresses these dry up and the women and children are forced to walk long distances every day to collect water, frequently putting themselves in danger. The water collected is usually unclean and unhygienic, causing many illnesses especially for the youngest children.

Makolekole reaches out to remote villages

Makolekole was founded by Gid and Adrian Carr, residents of the Luangwa Valley and knowledgeable about the language and customs of the local inhabitants. They work with tribal chiefs and residents to ensure that each village can have access to clean water on their own land without the need to walk several kilometers in search of water, with all the dangers that this entails.

Grateful song and dance from the villagers

Thanks to our generous donors, we have been able to cover the cost of seven wells to be dug in the Chitungulu area. The reaction of the villagers is one of joy and jubilation. They finally have access within the same town to fresh, clean water for their families.

This means no long hikes through the countryside in search of a bucket of water and no more dirty, disease ridden drinking water.

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