Donations to projects
A brief summary of our donations and contributions from 2014 to the present

2014 – $ 106,000
Our first major contribution was from Livingstone Partners who donated $ 100,000 to rebuild Kapita School near Mfuwe, Zambia.

American School of Valencia collaborated by paying for a trip for Mr. Gilbert Mwale to come from Kapita School in Zambia all the way to Spain to visit the American School of CValencia. They also raised funds to send an ASV teacher to visit Kapita School. Total contribution: $ 6,000

2015 – $ 4,000

From Fundación Livingstone we sent in our first sponsorship donation, which came to $ 2,000.

Amerian School of Valencia continued to send donations to Kapita School this time with a sum of $ 2,000 as well.

2016 – $ 33,020
From Fundación Livingstone we continue with our goal of financing different aspects of Kapita School by sending $ 33,020 to cover:

Sponsorship expenses
– Construction of the new toilets
– Improvements in nearby wells
– Funding for Kapita teachers

Livingstone Partners offices from Chicago and London sent a total of $ 20,000

2017 – $ 53,986
From Fundación Livingstone our work expanded in 2017 to include not only Kapita but also Chikowa, a vocational training center where we paid for five new greenhouses for their agriculture program. We also opened up our projects to Makolekole, an excavating company. We paid for the excavation of a well in a more remote area.

Kapita School – $ 10,386
Chikowa F.P. – $ 20,600
Makolekole Well – $ 6,500

Livingstone Partners made another generous donation this time of $ 16,500 to fund the “Edulution” math coaching program.

2018 – $ 87,830
The number of sponsored students grew five times from when we started in 2015, and in 2018 we sent $ 11,600 from Fundación Livingstone to Project Luangwa for sponsored students and another $ 8,300 to pay for new desks and school supplies at Kapita School.

We continued to support Chikowa, and funded the planting of corn and trees, which came to $ 4,200. We also sent $ 6,500 to Makole for the digging of another well.

In 2018, for the first time, we supported the Chipembele environmental education center with $ 10,050.

With the large donation from Livingstone Partners in 2018 of $ 36,650 we were able  to cover not only Edulution’s expenses, but also to cover other issues such as the water problem in Kapita.

Livingstone Foundation for Africa from the USA opens its doors in 2018 and sends $ 895 to cover sponsorships, $ 7,836 for teacher wages and $ 1799 for school materials.

2019 – $ 88,444

From Fundación Livingstone, we sent $ 11,234 to cover sponsorships and $ 970 for school supplies.

We sent $ 26,000 to Makolekole to cover the drilling of 4 wells in more remote areas. And we sent $ 11,000 to Chipembele for its new Mentors program, which trains young people in areas of leadership and knowledge of the flora and fauna of the area.

Livingstone Foundation for Africa from the USA, we sent $ 3,500 for sponsorships, $ 500 for pad kits and $ 2,000 to develop and implement boys and girls clubs.

Livingstone Partners donated $ 33,240 to fund Edulution, the large math support program in Kapita, and other projects in Kapita.

2020 – $ 77,215

Livingstone Partners donated $30,000  to cover Edulution’s expenses, and school maintenance at Kapita and other schools in the area.

From Fundación Livingstone, we sent $ 15,640 to cover sponsorships and $ 3,000 for salaries of the Kapita staff.

We donated $ 6,500 to Makolekole to excavate a well further north and also $ 4,200 to Chikowa, the vocational training school for reforestation and the construction of a cold room.

Livingstone Foundation for Africa from USA raised and sent $ 6,725 for sponsorships, $ 6,000 for staff wages, $ 5,150 for general expenses for Project Luangwa destined to Kapita School.

2021 – $ 95,500

Livingstone Partners International donated $35,480 which covered Edulution at two schools, maintenance at Kapita School and health projects involving Shelters for eco-cooking stoves, sanitary pads for young teenage girls and Covid Hygiene methods at local schools.

Fundación Livingstone – sent $42,880 to educational and health projects with support from our student sponsors, fundraising activities as well as corporate donations from CIS Electronics Engineering and Renoveduch.

Livingstone Foundation for Africa  sent $17,140 to Project Luangwa to support student sponsorship and teacher salaries.

2022 – $115,310

Livingstone Partners International donated $34,900 which covered Edulution in two schools, and support for primary education in several schools.

Livingstone Foundation – sent $37,801 to educational and health projects with the support of our student sponsors, fundraising activities and corporate donations.

Livingstone Foundation for Africa sent $37,480 to Project Luangwa to support student sponsorship and teacher salaries as well as funding for teacher accommodation at the vocational school.

For more indept information, please check our annual reports on the “What We Do” page.

(Except for error or omission – all information is from our accounts and our communication with projects in Zambia and donors in Europe and the United States)