Collaborating Partners
Ritchie Brothers – Chikowa Youth Centre

Inspired by the connection and good relationship we have in rural Mfuwe in Zambia, Jeroen and Zulema Rijkhan worked closely with their company, Ritchie Brothers to connect them to Chikowa Vocational Training Center in Mfuwe. Their first donations were for the automotive workshop and they are now studying the possibility of creating a cooking school within Chikowa.




Thanks to the generosity of CIS Electronics Engineering, the villagers of Jokonia, a remote village in the Chitungulu chiefdom, now have a well in their own village. Women and children no longer have to walk for hours in the dry season to collect water with the danger that this entails and they all have clean water without the risk of contracting diseases.


Renoveduch, a leading company in bathroom renovations, financed a new well in Makondo Village

The Renoveduch company works closely with Livingstone Foundation and, thanks to their contribution, this year we have been able to drill a well in the Makondo village, within the Chiefdom of Mudzabwera, one of the poorest rural areas in South Luangwa.

In October, a team from the Foundation visited the recently completed well. They were able to see for themselves the  villagers’ joy with having water so close to home and the improvements that this well has brought to their lives.



It is very exciting to see how ASV students have supported Kapita students in Zambia since 2013. Some of the many activities have been:

– Charity race (photo)
– Penpal letters with Kapita students
– BBQ for ASV families
– Halloween party
– Markets and sale of snacks
– Invitation to the head of studies of Kapita to come to Spain


Smurfit Kappa – donations and creative gifts at our events

For several years Smurfit Kappa has been an active participant at our events, not only by attending in good numbers, but also through their donations of items created from their well known packaging materials! They donated over twenty center pieces for our dinner in Madrid in 2018 and made masks and an African hut for our family fair in 2017. A heartful thank you!


supportive and caring artists

We are enormously grateful to the artists who have donated their work and time to raise funds for projects in Zambia. With the art auctions held thanks to your donations, we have been able to fund education at our Kapita school, the gender support project, wells in rural areas and much more. To get to know our donor artists better, you can see our catalogues from previous events.