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Sponsorship Information

If you are interested in being a sponsor to a hardworking and promising student, we would be happy to help you connect with him or her. January is the month that students apply for the sponsorship program, since the school year ends in December, and then starts again in February. Even so, you can write to us whenever and we will put you on the list of interested sponsors! We will write to you again in December to see if you are still interested.

What does it mean to be a sponsor?

– Pay an annual amount of around €800/1000 depending on the school where the student is going to study.
Commit to five years of support, as the secondary schools in Zambia go from Grade 8 to Grade 12.
– Exchange letters with your student. You will receive 3 or 4 letters a year, which they write when they visit the Project Luangwa office between school terms.
– Show interest in the student so that he feels supported.
– From Project Luangwa they will inform you about your student’s progress in school.

What do the expenses cover?
– Annual tuition for the school
– Room and board
– Transportation from home to the school
– Uniform
– Socks and strong shoes
– School bag
– Notebooks
– Pencil case
– Math set and calculators for 8th grade
– Metal trunk with a lock for personal items
– A blanket every two/three years

Please fill out the form below to let us know if you would like to be a sponser. Please feel free to ask more about sponsorship.