Secondary School

To attend secondary school, students in Zambia must pay a monthly fee, something which is impossible for many of the families who live through subsistence farming. This is compounded by the fact that 25% of school-age children are orphans and others have parents or caregivers too ill to work.

With our help, these children can have the chance to go on to secondary school and thus have the hope of a better future.

Students sponsorship process

When students finish the 7th grade, students without the possibility of paying the secondary school fees apply at Project Luangwa for a sponsor. In order to be accepted, they have to obtain above-average results, be dedicated students, and demonstrate that they come from an at risk situation.

The Project Luangwa team dedicates time and effort in selecting those students who show the most promise and who would work hard at their studies.

The course ends in December and in January the lists of students accepted into the sponsorship program come out.


A special relationship

A close relationship is created between the student and his or her sponsors through the letters and communications exchanged through Project Luangwa. It is a fairly small program so each student is followed closely. They usually write three letters a year that are sent through Project Luangwa and letters sent by email from the sponsor are printed out and handed to the student, creating a close bond between student and sponser. Financial support means that the young person will be able to continue his or her studies, but emotional support means that someone somewhere in the world cares about them and their future.