Our projects in Zambia


Our projects are focused mainly on education. We have financed a primary school since 2013. We also work with a vocational training center, and a wildlife education program in the area. Our educational projects also include support for girls through the provision of sanitary towels and educating for equality and respect in youth clubs.

Another important project is supporting the health of children and their families, through access to fresh, clean drinking water. For more information click on Makolekole link below.

Find out more about our projects in the sections below and for more information check out our annual reports at the bottom of this page which cover our work from 2015 to the present.

To better understand life in South Luangwa
and the work of one of the organizations that we support
we invite you to see this video cut.


Kapita School

Vocational Training School

Chikowa Centre for Youth Development

Wildlife Education

Chipembele Foundation

Gender support

Youth Clubs and Ufulu Pads

Direct help for students

Student Sponsorship through Project Luangwa

fresh, clean water

Makolekole Drilling & Water Solutions


Annual Report 2015-2016

Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2018

Annual Report 2019