March 2018 Visit to Zambia

We believe it is important to visit Zambia at least once a year to make sure our donations are being used well in the different projects. We are happy to announce that this year we have made three visits to the area between members from Fundación Livingstone (Spain) and Livingstone Foundation for Africa (USA). Here is a short synapsis of our first visit in March:

David Sherman, who is a member of our newly created Livingstone Foundation for Africa in the states visited Kapita School in mid March for the first time. Gilbert Mwale, on the left, greeted him to Kapita School and showed him around to the different classrooms and introduced him to the students. David got a chance to observe Edulution in full swing, to meet some of the Kapita teachers, to see Mary’s Meals providing food for the young people and to even try a bit of football with the young folks.

The preschool class had 67 students enrolled and one teacher and not one bit of furniture. They managed well with homemade mats. David returned to the states with a To-Do List, and number one was furniture for the classrooms. We managed to send enough funds to furnish not only the preschool class, but Grade 2, who were also having to do their work sitting on the floor.
Thank you to our donors for their generosity and to the Kapita students for their helping hands!

New furniture means happy learners and a better chance for all!