Providing clean, fresh water in South Luangwa

Visit to Chitungulu with Makolekole 


We are grateful to Adrian and Gid Carr for taking us up through the less visited villages in the Chitungulu area to meet the people and learn about the water situation. Adrian Carr, born and brough up in Zambia and his wife, Christina (Gid) who has lived in the area for 18 years work hard to bring clean, safe water to remote areas in the Luangwa Valley.





I snuck a photo of Adrian dowsing for water with a forked stick! It seems to work! Of course the area is then tested and checked, but according to local hearsay the man is a legend in finding water!

These villagers look forward to a visit from the Carrs, knowing that their village might be chosen for a well or borehole. At the present time the women and children must walk far to collect water and as the dry season approaches and their waterholes dry up they must walk even further, up to several miles daily, to collect wáter.

Through our donations we hope to help enhance the lives of women and children in these remote villages. Instead of having to walk miles for water, they can collect it close to their homes, making their lives just a bit easier.

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